Hotel Policy

  1. Hotel Patriot*** (‘Hotel’) can only accommodate officially registered guests. In order to register, guest must supply hotel employee with valid ID. Hotel may accommodate guest who’s residency is in the Hotel.
  2. Services offered to guests are in accordance with the current regulation of Ministerstva hospodárstva SR č. 277/2008 Z. z., which categorises the Hotel.
  3. On return to the Hotel, checked in guest must present to reception.
  4. Hotel may accommodate only guests that do not carry infectious diseases.
  5. In some circumstances, Hotel my offer alternative accommodation in a same standard as one booked in advance.
  6. On the receipt of reservation Hotel will reserve the room for 2 hours after estimated time of arrival. After this time Hotel may reallocate the room.
  7. In the event of extended stay, Hotel may offer alternative room to one previously occupied by guest.
  8. Advance booking of a single room that were immediately confirmed by the Hotel will be charged single room tariff even if Hotel offers on its own initiative double room or apartment.
  9. Guest may use the room only for the time period agreed with the Hotel.
  10. If the departure time has not been agreed in advance, guest must confirm departure time by 10am on the last day of his stay latest. Room must be left at the same time. If guest fails to check out in the given time, Hotel may charge for another night.
  11. Guests checking in before 8 am will be charged for a previous night stay.
  12. Upon arrival, guest are advised to check the room and equipment, in the event of defects guest is advised to report them immediately to Reception.
  13. Guest agrees that during the stay room may be visited by housekeeping, maintenance or GM to carry out their duties.
  14. Hotel takes responsibility for personal property of the guests as well as items stored in the appropriate location set for this purpose, to the maximum of 331,93 € (10 000,- Sk) as set by the Government regulation No 87/1995 Z. z. Hotel is liable without limitation for money, valuables and documents that were received by the Hotel and Hotel issued a receipt. If these valuables were not received, Hotel is liable for their loss only to the value of 331,93 €.
  15. Hotel does not take responsibility for conflicts between guests, however Hotel will act within the law and take necessary steps to ensure safety and security in the hotel premises.
  16. Hotel has got public spaces (restaurant and reception) available for hotel guests visitors. Room visits between 8am and 10pm may be authorised by the General Manager only.
  17. In the event of sickness or injury Hotel will offer medical help and or transfer to Hospital.
  18. Moving of furniture, repair or any kind of interference with the electrical equipment in the rooms or public spaces is not allowed.
  19. Guest is not allowed to use personal electrical equipment excluding electrical equipment used for personal hygiene (hair drier, electric shaver etc).
  20. Guest should not be holding noisy parties in their rooms or hotel corridors, or have TV or radio on excessive volumes. Guest must respect curfew between 10pm and 6 am.
  21. Children under 10 years old should not be left unattended in the rooms, corridors, lifts or other common areas of the Hotel.
  22. Guests are not allowed to take sporting equipment and items, which can be stored in designated areas.
  23. Guests are welcome to use all the room and Hotel facilities. Guest is liable for any damage to Hotel property.
  24. When leaving the room, guest must close the taps, switch of electrical equipment, turn off the lights, close the windows and lock the room with the key. Room key must be left at the reception upon leaving the hotel.
  25. Difference in price between booked services and used services will be charged at check out and guest is fully liable for those.
  26. Guests are required to pay for accommodation and other services in accordance with the valid price list available at reception.
  27. Guests are required to observe these terms and conditions from the check in. If these terms and conditions have been breached in any way Hotel has a right to withdraw from the contract before expiry.
  28. Pets are not allowed.
  29. In the event of violation of hotel policy, the customer must count with financial liability to the hotel for any damaged caused.
  30. Complaints, comments and suggestions can be made to Reception in accordance with Hotel Patriot*** Complaints Procedure, available at Reception.

Hotel Policy is valid from 20.4. 2015